Rosie Jones Extra Hot For Her Birthday


English model Rosie Jones just turned 21, so in celebration, here is a gallery of her showing of her beautiful body. Fun Fact: She holds the world record in taking off and putting on the most bras in one minuite -  in this gallery it’s mostly off though. 

Go wish her a happy birthday on Twitter!

Get the (NSFW) pics and a video after the jump!

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The season 7 trailer for Doctor Who is out and has all my wibbly wobbly bits a little less wibbly wobbly.

If you haven’t watched the revamp yet do it.  Most of it is on Netflix.  Its not like BSG in that you get addicted in the first episode, but give it a few episodes or at least get to David Tennant and enjoy the madness :)

That’s settled then, marathon of dr.who from season 1 starts, TODAY!!


Remember that awesome Fus Ro Dah T-shirt and poster I showed you yesterday?  Well they up for a 48 hour pre order. dun dun dunnnnn  Click here to order it!

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Haven’t played skyping so I don’t know what it means, but it looks sweet


We finally have LOVE WITH GUNS posters, Signed Headphone Chimp, and most all the PDS office posters back in stock on

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Haha I figured y not make my first post a repost of my favorite guy on the Internet.


After long long last we are finally selling the pre-order of the “Doctor Recommended” shirts and the pre-order of “Biz Chimp” shirts for 48 hours.  Also there are poster versions of both.

Click here to purchase one or both since they are only available for the next 48 hours.

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Great shirts hope I win one!